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Broadcast stations in Gombe have promised to be open to the students of mass

communication Pen Resource University for field experience purposes. The General

Managers of the radio and TV stations declared this independently during courtesy

visits to their stations by the Department. While addressing the General Managers at

different times, the Head, Department of Mass Communication, Pen Resource

University, Gombe, Dr Adamu Hamid said the reason for the visit was to expose

students, establish support and cultivate fruitful relationship with the stations.

At Jewel FM, Gombe, the GM said the station is under the Federal Radio Corporation

of Nigeria (FRCN) with Frequency Modulation 103.5, adding that they have 24 staff.

At Progress Radio, Hajiya Sadiya Ibrahim Biu, the GM, welcomed the Department’s

delegation and reeled off that the station was established to deepen the roots of

democracy in its area of operation. She also wished the PRU well.

At the station, students were auditioned in both radio and television presentation in

the two sections of Progress Radio, which was later aired in Gombe town. She added,

PRU students are talented, and she looks forward to receiving them as interns or

during the holiday to perfect their Presentations skills.

At NTA, the HOD spoke at length, establishing common ground for synergy between

the Department and the national TV station. During the session, he was asked by one

of the directors why were PRU mass communication department student all female.

The HOD responded that the question is a virgin research area, but the reason may not

be unconnected to the growing popularity of broadcast presentation and film

production among girls.

While at Amana Radio, the GM Amana welcomed the PRU mass communication

delegation. After stating the purpose the visit, the HoD appealed for cooperation with

Amana. The GM Amana Radio, in his response, said, “This is your home”, adding

that he has allocated one hour every Saturday to air productions from the students of

mass communication, PRU.

At Vision FM, the acting GM introduced himself and disclosed that he was a one-time

student of Dr Adamu Hamid, the HOD Mass Communication, PRU. He said Dr

Hamid was his mentor at BUK. Students were toured all round the station.

Highlight of the visit is students saw state-of the art equipment at the stations and

were allowed to operate them.

At the different occasions, the HOD mass communication showed his rapture and

thanked the GMs on the audience given, and the assurance to entertain the students in

their programs, all the time.

Fatima Ali (Level 2)

Mass Communication Department.

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